Pia pushes new sport: Padel for the Philippines

A former national volleyball player, avid cyclist and triathlete, Senator Pia Cayetano’s latest passion is padel, one of the world’s fastest rising sports.

Europe’s fastest growing sport is generating buzz and converting enthusiasts across the country.

The game is called ‘padel,’ a sport that combines the elements of tennis and squash that is sweeping the sporting scene.

Senator Pia S. Cayetano, a former national athlete and one of the most vocal advocates of health and an active lifestyle through sports, is at the forefront of promoting padel.

“In almost every decade of my life, I’ve fallen in love with a sport. My latest passion is this new sport called padel.” the senator shared.

At the Play Padel Media Day held last Friday, October 13, Senator Cayetano was joined by fellow padel enthusiast and entrepreneur Nico Bolzico in an exhibition match against Play Padel coach Bryan Casao and champion pole-vaulter EJ Obiena, who has tried playing the sport as a hobby while training in Europe.

“We have our own preferred sports, and there are different reasons why we do it. For some, it’s the social aspect. For others, it’s building discipline and excelling. Or it can be part of one’s shift to a healthier lifestyle,” explained the senator. “Padel is unique because it’s very beginner-friendly. But if you want to be competitive, as I do, you can improve your skills with training and joining tournaments. More than just a sport, padel is a great way to socialize and meet new people.”

She continued: “Like what I’ve done in the past, I love sharing my passion with others. Our padel school is called Padel in Action Academy.”

Coach Casao, who earned his professional certification from PadelMBA in Spain and currently heads Play Padel Philippines added, “As more and more people learn about padel, we will be able to have more competitions. This weekend, we opened our Padel Pilipinas League. There will be many, many more exciting things in store.”

At the press conference, Casao also described padel as a great way to encourage the youth to embrace sports and fitness, especially these days when children and teens spend considerable time just with their gadgets.

To recall, Senator Cayetano’s other involvement in sports promotion include: Pinay In Action (football clinics and tournaments for women and girls; skateboarding clinic for girls with champion skater Margielyn Didal); and Gabriel’s Symphony Foundation (running and triathlon clinics for the youth with national triathlon coach Melvin Fausto).





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