Pia: Encourage self expression among the youth

In an intimate talk with students, teachers, writers, and bloggers in Davao City, House Deputy Speaker and Taguig City Representative emphasized the importance of encouraging self-expression and developing communication skills, especially among the youth.

Cayetano met with officers and members of ‘Resurgent PH’ over the weekend, a group committed to bring out facts and truth on current issues affecting the country through social media.

She said teachers could play a crucial role to encourage self-expression in their students, so that the latter are freely able to convey their thoughts and concerns to society, including their fellow youth, elders and leaders.

To be able to do this, Cayetano said young people must find within them the passion to write or post about subject matters that are close to them, such as family, friendship, education or culture.

On the other hand, she said developing communication skills (oral and written) also empowers by giving our youth the tools they need to be able to convey their messages clearly and effectively to a wide and diverse audience.

Cayetano noted that the K-12 basic education program encourages the use of the ‘mother tounge’ to facilitate better learning, particularly for young students, including those in regions where local languages are widely used in addition to Filipino and English.

This is a good start, but she added that educators must not lose sight of our ‘natural advantage’ as a people when it comes to speaking and writing in English. She underscored how effective messaging starts from one’s passion, aided by communication skills, including the ability to communicate using the languages that are most spoken around the world. #



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